The Development and Validation of Thai Adolescents’ Desirable Characteristics Measurement Scale


  • Panidaporn Jongrachen
  • Puntip Sirivunnabood
  • Penpilai Rithakananone


desirable characteristic, Thai adolescents, second-order measurement model


          The measurement of adolescents’ desirable characteristics (ACD) is a set of self- reportquestionnaires measures 29 characters (5 domains). Results summarized that (a) ACD is a multidimensional scale which demonstrates good psychometric properties for reliability, and content, convergent and predictive validity and (b) factors consist of 5 domains, the indicators of which were 4,6,4,7, and 8 of observed variables measuring from 3-5 items respectively. The empirical findings suggest in this study provide a more succinct picture of ACD, and the well-validated scale could be used as a basis for further research andtheoretical groundwork in the field of adolescents’ desirable characteristics

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