An Application of the Process Writing Approach in Teaching English Writing to High School Students in China


  • Yao Liu
  • Janpanit Surasin
  • Prapart Brudhiprabha


Teaching English, Writing, China


          This research study aimed to investigate how the process writing approach affected the students’ writing habits and to explore the students’ perspectives on the approach after its application with forty-six EFL 11th grade Chinese students. To answer the research questions, the analysis ranged across the data collection methods including participant observation, content analysis of the students’ writings, and semi-structured interview transcription were employed. It was found that after 30 teaching sessions, the students were motivated to spend more time and effort on writing; their critical thinking and logical thinking skills were improved after been trained with the systematic steps of the process writing approach. Moreover, the majority of the students stated that the process writing approach was beneficial to improve their writing skills. They felt more motivated to write; their group interaction had improved; and more opportunities for the students to practice oral-aural skills were provided. However, some agreed that this approach was time consuming and at times created learning anxiety. As long as the writing assessment in China continues being summative, the learners would not be intended in implementing the process writing approach even though they saw its worth. Formative English writing assessment type and more support are called for from the Ministry of Education as well as the experts, educators, the schools and teachers

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