Building a leadership engagement process for medium-sized private businesses: A case study of manufacturing estates in Thailand


  • Rungroj Attanit
  • Chalong Tubsree
  • Arporn Puvitayaphan


Leadership, Business administration, Employee engagement. Constructionism, Competency


This research report focused on the employee engagement process based on leadership construct. The researcher selected a medium sized private business as the case study model. The researcher conducted mixed method as the research and development framework which was the mixing of qualitative and quantitative research. The research was divided into phases. The results from the first phase have been interpreted and analyzed for conclusions of the seven characteristics of a leader affecting employee engagement. The seven essential leaderdhip characteristics are composed of coaching, communication, integrity, thinking, People management, career path development, and people art. The second phase was to conduct quantitative research with 15 persons from the selected target group which was a manufacturing company. It focused on the experiment in the development of an employee engagement process based on leadership using the random sampling concept, as well as, to evaluate the effectiveness of the experimental process. The researcher applies the constructionism conceptual framework and the ADDIE model focusing on center-based learning.

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