Organizational culture of a Taiwanese company in Thailand: A case study of a selected Taiwanese company


  • Yang Haining
  • Chalong Tubsree
  • Anong Wisessuwan


Organizational behavior, Communication in organizations, Corporations, Taiwanese, Work effectiveness. Performance evaluation


Thailand is one of those countries in which Taiwanese business has invested. It is usual in any organization that when people from different cultures work together they will face somedifficulty and this will affect in the efficiency of work. The mismatch or clash of culture is assumed to be the cause of low efficiency of any employees including Thai employees. This study employ quantitative survey method for the data collection with two research questions, they were: 1. what was the opinion of Thai employees in the Taiwan company in Thailand concerning the Taiwanese organization culture? 2. Does the difference in culture affect the working of Thai employees? The population of Thai employees in this company was 150 people. The samoles of this study were 100 Thai employees selected from the above population. The instrument of this study was a set of 39 questions. The questionnaires were distributed to the participants and the completed questionnaires were sent back by both E-mail and postal mail. The data were analyzed by descriptive stratistics to explore the opinion of Thai employees. The researcher used descriptive stratistics namely, mean, standard deviation to analyze the data. For the result of research question one, it was concluded that working environment got the highest mean score among the six aspects of organization culture and the last was team work, getting the lowest score. In response to research question two. performance evaluation got the highest mean score among the six aspects of organization and work commitment got the lowest score.

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