The influence of management approaches and corporate cultures towards the retention of employees: An example of regulatory compliance and enterprise software consultancy business in Bangkok


  • Daroonluck Amornprasertsri


Management, Corporate culture, Employee retention


The objective of this research study is to explore the management approaches and corporate cultures as determinants of employee retention in Regulatory Compliance and Enterprise Software Consultancy business. A case example is used in this research study. The mixed quantitative and qualitative approach is chosen for this research study and data collection is collected through a questionnaire combed with diary study and semi-structured interviews. The conclusion for this research study would be the management approaches of the case example company are Supportive and Participative and corporate cultures of case example company is an Interpersonal Relationship Value. Additionally, one underlying feature from the findings is, there should not be any management approaches perfected for any entire organization, but which approach will be used depends on which business and industry they operate in and in which situations or circumstances that organization or management will encounter, which proportion or style that they prefer or prioritize for their organization. For corporate culture, the culture of Interpersonal Relationship Value was identified as a core identity for the organization of the case example company and is supported of Supportive and Participative management approaches.

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