Development of public mind of student teacher at Maha Sarakham Rajabhat University, Thailand


  • Pannaporn Sriplung
  • Pongprasert Hoksuwan


Public mind, Student teachers


This research was a research and development aimed to: 1) develop a teaching model applying Scientific Thinking approach on promote the public mind in first year student at the Faculty of Education at this university and 2) to determine the efficacy of empiricalĀ development activities of the teaching of Good Scientific Thinking to promote the public mind of the Faculty of Education students.Samples were first year students at the Faculty of Education. 31 of the instruments used in this study were concerned with planning of activities, the test of public mind, the evluation of public consciousness, and satiafaction. Data were analyzed using percentages, means standard deviations and a statistical test (Paired t-test). The results indicated that:1) devellopment ativities of the teaching of Good Scientific Thinking on promoting the public mind of first-year students at the Faculty of Education consisted of four steps: creating a connection (connection) between the interrogdtion learning. (Questionning) self-refiection (Self-refiecting), and to ask quesstions about the truth or the ability to trust, (Questionning the Truth or Believability)2) The development of the public mined found that the experiments of the Faculty of Education, with an average score of public affection increased over the previous period with a statistically significant result (p-value = 0.001), with a difference of the average increase of 20.16 points (95% CI: 18065-21.67), characteristics of the public mind, the overall self-assessment and evaluation of teachers at a high level, and satisfaction with the development activities at a high level.

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