The roles of the human resource development for Thai multinational corporations in the next decade


  • Ratchaya Lamuntree
  • Nart Nontasak
  • Katsunori Kaneko


Human resources development, Human capital


The objectives of this quantitative research were to perdict the roles of human resource department and to create a model for the roles of human resource department for Thai Multinational corporation in the next decade. The participants were 21 people and 5 experts who have been working in the HR field for more than ten year and offered significant guidelines on the roles and performance of human resource in Thailand. The researcher  used purposive sampling and in-depth interviews were used in collectiong the data. The research instruments were interview guides and a cassette tape recorder.Data analysis was done by using the Delphi Technique. The research findings found that the results were based on the theory of Ulrich (1997) strategic partners and 5 experts gave opinions that human resources in the future are not only used as a strategic partner but also a line CEO should understand how to manage people and give them flexibility for change. The result found that the model has 8 roles of human resource professionals : 1) core roles human resource management, 2) professional and roles in human resources and consulting , 3) change manament of present and futuee employees orientation, 4) development of human resources problems and risks, 5) transformational leadership in developing the corporation and employees, 6) flexibility and adaptability language, culture, legal and international business dealings, 7) role of changing new informatoin technology orientation and 8) firms size. Future research should use different groups of business professionals in otherdeveloping economies to further validate findings.

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