Teachers’ Perceptions and Attitudes of Technology Integration in Korean Classrooms


  • Hyunkyung Kwon
  • Yunghwan Kwon


technology-integrated lessons, technology, teachers’ perceptions


             Technology is prevalent in our society and technological tools are used in everyday life. Numerous careers require individuals to effectively communicate and use technology and students will need to obtain technology-enhanced skills to stay competitive in the 21st century’s global economy. As the importance of using technology in classrooms increases, more research on teachers’ competency and attitudes on using technology in their classrooms have been conducted. Teachers’ perception of using technology, understanding and learning of technology, and thoughts on support from schools has been studied by researchers. The findings of this research shows that teachers believe that the integration of technology should be a part of their curriculum. This study uses a quantitative approach to observe teachers’ attitudes and perception on using technology. A 29-question, five-point Likert scale survey was administered to 118 Korean teachers and this study gives indications of perceptions on using technology in the classroom. The results can inform the general perception and attitudes that Korean teachers have as to how well these teachers are prepared and willing to use technology in their classrooms for the positive effects on students’ learning.

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