A Development of an Instructional Model to Enhancing Self-Responsibility for Undergraduate Students


  • Nuchsharat Nuchprayoon
  • Montree Yamkasikorn
  • Tipkesorn Boonumpai


model development, self-responsibility, enhancing self-responsibility


              The purpose of the study was to develop an instructional model to enhance selfresponsibility for undergraduate students. The research process consists of three stages. The first stage was constructing an instructional model by analyzing and synthesizing documents in order to create an instructional model prototype, then validating the validity and reliability of the model by a focus group of nine experts. The tools used in this research were validated by five experts. The second stage was implementing the developed instructional model using One-Way repeated measured design method of action research in the second semester of the academic year 2014 in the course “System Analysis and Design” with the sample of 22 undergraduate students in the department of business computer. The third stage was evaluating the effectiveness of the model (considered by the trend of self-responsibility development) and students’ satisfaction. The model’s effectiveness evaluation was done through nine experts with the average at 4.68 (in the range of highest satisfaction score).

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