An Investigation of Executive Coaching Practice: West-East Integration


  • Pacharabha Bhakdeerat
  • Chalong Tubsree
  • Nart Nontasak


Executive Coaching, Coach, Coachee, Coaching Organization, Coaching Practice, the West, the East, West-East integration, Effectiveness


           The purpose of this research study was to investigate the executive coaching practices and also to analyze the West-East integration by a coaching organization to a Corporate Setting in the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. A qualitative case study research approach was applied to study this topic. The key participants were identified by the following criteria: 1) Being an engineering manager of the company and 2) Being a manager who attended the executive coaching practice. Observation, document review and in-depth interview were employed in data collection in order to answer the research questions. Data was collected from in-depth and semi-structured interviews from participants who was a coach from a coaching organization and the engineering managers who were coached as the key participants. The investigator used the concepts of psychology in terms of leadership development by self-development or individual competency and coach-training to generate the interview guide. Data was categorized into codes and the researcher used manual coding and interpretation. The findings were supported by the theory of HRD behavior performance assessment recommendation from Kirkpatrick’s 4 Level learning evaluation model. The trustworthiness of this study was established by demonstrating the creditability of the methods and the findings. The researcher applied the triangulation method to discuss the findings from the executive coach and coachees of key participants; as well as the engineering managers and their subordinates to check against the data collected in order to ensure the credibility of the research study. The transferability of the data was established by providing the results of this research that would be useful for leaders or executives who are considering the implementation of an executive coaching program. The study will help leaders gain a vision and apply the knowledge of practice for developing individual competency and clearly see the way to their leadership development and job performance.

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