Teacher Self-Development as Researcher in Lesson Study and Open Approach Context: A Case Study of a Grade 1 Teacher


  • Rachada Chaovasetthakul
  • Maitree Inprasitha
  • Narumon Changsri


Teacher as Researcher, Lesson Study, Lesson Study and Open Approach Context


           This research analyzes the development of a teacher as a researcher in the Lesson Study and Open Approach Context for the Mathematics Professional Development with Lesson Study and Open Approach Innovation program. The teacher had had more than 20 years of teaching experience before joining the program in 2006 until 2013. The ethnographic paradigm used in collecting the data provided in-depth information during the 2010-2015 academic years. The data collected from the documents, video, and the interview protocol, were analyzed. Analytical information was obtained from the teaching practice in relation to the teacher’s professional development, relevant to the implementation of the Lesson Study process. The findings show that (1) In the forming stage of the corporate lesson plan, the teacher has realized the problem, of allowing her to plan better lesson management to improve her teaching; (2) In the implementation stage of the Open Approach in a classroom, the teacher had observed problem solving abilities of students. She recorded their thoughts as input for her reflection on the result of the lesson study; and (3) In the reflection stage with the Lesson Study team, the teacher and the team analyzed the result of the lesson management, problem solving abilities of students and media usage from the observed data.

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