Collaborative Strategy Development between Chanthaburi Education Institutions and Chanthaburi Gems and Jewelry Center


  • Ramida Karnchanawong
  • Chalong Tubsree
  • Surin Intayot


Gems and jewelry, collaboration of educational institutions in the eastern region, Gems and jewelry center, Gems at Chanthaburi


         This qualitative study aimed at exploring the collaborative strategy development between Chanthaburi educational institutions and Chanthaburi gems and jewelry center. The research questions concerned characteristics of gems business at Chanthaburi, requirements for educational institutions collaboration, and a collaboration strategy model. The research interviewed 16 participants who were representative from educational institutions in the Eastern region, Gems industry, and government sectors in Chanthaburi province. The findings were that gems and jewelry at Chanthaburi was facing shortage of skill worker, lacking of modern technology, lacking of marketing knowledge, lacking of right attitude, lacking of regulation support and facing problem of graduate migration, and lacking of serious collaboration. The most important step for the collaboration strategy was preparation of human resource who has knowledge, being skillful in gems and jewelry craftsmanship, being designer, being self- trader, and being new business entrepreneur and business successor. The educational institutes in the region needed to train their students to have skill that meet industry requirements, to motivate local youth to attend the gems and jewelry educational program at their school to resolve graduates migration, instilling good attitude to their graduates, and transferring knowledge and technology to the industrial parties. The collaboration strategy model to build up gems business center or intermediary factory needed government support in many ways such as establishing a clear national policy, providing fund, tax exemption and making the gems and jewelry business a tourist destination. In conclusion, this research study provides information of collaborative strategy development to enhance Chanthaburi gems and jewelry business center capacity. The collaboration strategy model offers the business advantage for both the local and the nation. It suggests a new practice for educational institution to act as the leader in the collaboration.

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