English Language Teaching and English Language Development of Teachers in One Excellent Private Vocational Institution in Chonburi Province, Thailand


  • Nitchanun Robroo
  • Watunyoo Suwannaset
  • Paratchanun Charoenarpornwattana


English in vocational school, English development


          This study aimed to study ways that English language was taught in selected private vocational school in Chonburi province and explored how did English teachers in a selected private vocational school develop their English language proficiency. Moreover, to learn how private vocational school conducted English teaching with the best quality. Due to English language is necessary for vocational students. In order to keep up with the demands of producing skilled labour, Vocational schools in Thailand need to pay greater emphasis on developing English language competencies including communication skills for students. A qualitative approach was applied to answer research questions. The steps of data analysis proposed by Atkinson (2002) used in analysing the data obtained from participants. The researchers used ATLAS.TI version 6.2 for coding and grouping information that obtained from the participants.

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